Useful Operating Technique of Windows 10

November 26, 2018

Useful Operating Technique of Windows 10

Some tips can help Windows 10 Users operate with their system better.


Altering Default Browser in an easier manner

When updated to Windows 10, the default browser is no longer IE but Microsoft Edge. If some buyers are still into QQ browser or the like, they can change the default webpage viewer more easily.


You can choose the browser you like, just click the Start , and then setting, and you can change the default browser. Next time you want to user another webpage viewer as a default one, just click reset.


We can stop automated update with Microsoft tools

At the steering mode of default, many clients don’t know the update is automated, but we still can stop this process with the help of Microsoft tools.


Visiting and download wushowhide.diagcab according to tips provided by websites. Double click Run. Only several minutes can finish the update inspection and we then can choose which updates are unnecessary and stop them.


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